Who She Is

“Indigenous women go missing twice: Once in reality and once in the media.”  But each woman behind the statistics has her own story. Through first person storytelling and animation, we bring four women to life on screen and discover “Who She Is.”

The five-part animated documentary short series highlights the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) in Wyoming – but more than that, it humanizes the women behind the statistics  by bringing four individual missing women to life on screen through animation and first-person storytelling.

Breaking the silence on this crisis, and breaching the “it only happens to other people” divide, can we understand the issues and risk factors that women in indigenous communities face and make change to make a difference? But most of all tell their stories.

Co-Director & Co-Producers: Jordan Dresser & Sophie Barksdale
Art Director: Jonathan Thunder
Executive Producer: Geoff O’Gara
Impact Producer: Rose Steller Burke
Release Date: Summer 2022